8th Grade TAC

Period 4 = 6utbbh
Period 6 = ggydte
Period 8 = x2ct2y8

8th Grade TAC is the culmination of all the skills learned 6th-8th grade. Students will be asked to combine and utilize all their skills through the creation and presentation of a music video, stop motion videos, advertisements and at the end of the year, a live show. 
Each trimester we will focus on one form of media.  1st trimester will be all about photos. How to take great photos, edit them, add words effectively, upload them, share them--in essence be a photo wizard. 
2nd Trimester will focus on audio. 
3rd Trimester on Video.  
Throughout the year there will be major projects which will challenge the students' long-term planning and execution skills.  Please encourage them to be on task and keeping up with their projects.  
Singing and the music video is our in between stuff. We will work on projects and media for a few days and then break it up with singing and music video prep.  

MUSIC VIDEOS:  This is a nationally award-winning
project. Students choose a song, re-write the lyrics, record all the voices of every 8th grader -mixing them together. They then are filmed lip-syncing to their own voices to create a professional looking product. 


Student created advertisement examples: