Sub-  Please have them try out picasa and sketchup on the desktop instead of my website. 

If they choose picasa they can play with all the filters -adding fonts- etc. 

Here is a basic tutorial on sketchup for you to get the 7th graders started.

but it is fun to just draw a shape and then use the SQUARE\arrow tool to make it grow or shrink. 

Ask an 8th grade student to show you the basics. 

Tell 8th graders that they are NOT allowed to download 3d things. It will make your life simpler. 


SUB DAY:    Go anywhere on my website--don't just watch music videos though. 

NO going outside to youtube.  

Don't talk with your neighbors. 

Respect and be kind to the sub. 

I may appear without warning :) 

YES THERE IS STILL A DC MEETING TONIGHT FOR 8th graders.  6pm here at school.

7th graders should watch these:

YouTube Video

YouTube Video